Ponti Veterinary Hospital

25007 E Wellesley Avenue
Otis Orchards, WA 99027





Ponti Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to your pet's health; prevention of disease is a huge component of that care, which is why we strongly urge yearly wellness exams. This check-up includes:

      Assessing general appearance
      A complete physical exam:
      Eyes, ears
      Lymph nodes
      Teeth & gums
      Skin condition
   Listening to the heart for murmurs or irregular beats
   Feeling abdomen for enlarged organs or masses 
   A vaccination protocol is then specifically designed for your pet.
   The Vet will discuss how to screen for and prevent internal and external parasites.
   Your pet's diet will be evaluated and any necessary recommendations will be made.
   The oral and dental needs of your pet will be addressed and prevention of tooth decay and gingivitis will be discussed.
   If you have a senior pet his/her special needs will also be discussed and any appropriate screening tests for diseases common to older pets will be suggested.