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OTHER GREAT LINKS                                                    


www.veterinarypartner.com  great site for all species of animals

www.wisdompanel.com analysis of breed composition in mixed breed dogs  

www.akc.org website of the American Kennel Club

www.offa.org  website for The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

http://www.companionparrot.com-- go to help and support  and choose FAQ section from the drop down menu.


http://www.africangreys.com -- for African gray parrot information.

http://www.multiscope.com/hotspot -- HotSpot for Birds has many informative articles on the health and safety of birds.

http://www.petcaretips.net-- dedicated to saving parrots worldwide

http://www.parrots.org-- choose BIRDS (although there are many other headings applicable to other pets you may have.    

Petcaretips.net--go to "small & exotic pets"   

Healthypet.com--lots of info on pocket pets

Veterinarypartner.com--on the left side choose "small mammals"

Howtopet.com--overview of different pocket pets and how to choose one  

http://www.kingsnake.com/ballpythonguide-- has a variety of information 

http://www.ball-pythons.net/forums/index.php -- care  and information as well as community driven content covering all manner of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates                                

www.Pythons.net --The Ultimate Python and Boa site - all about pythons and boas from care and breeding to incubating and hatching the eggs everything you need to know .

http://www.anapsid.org -- Melissa Kaplan's site, answers health and welfare questions for a variety of reptiles, especially iguanas.

www.pnwhs.org -- This is the Pacific Northwest Herpetological Society's site, nice site for rescues and adoptions.

http://www.reptileman.com/intro.html -- another northwest reptile facility and very user friendly.            

http://www.awrc.org/ -- Alabama Wildlife Center is the state’s oldest and largest rehabilitation center.

www.ibrrc.org --then click on ‘found a bird?’

www.iwrc-online.org -- Wildlife education, training and support for wildlife rehabilitators, liaison with wildlife professionals, organizations and agencies.

www.nwrawildlife.org -- Nonprofit organization that provides support for rehabilitators and promotes quality and professionalism in wildlife rehabilitation.

Completerider.com -- Lot's of information about your horse

www.cowcalfcorner.okstate.edu Information about your bovines

www.foalcare.com  This site requires registration, however it is free.  You can store all your records and information on this site and find great info on the care of pregnant mares and foals. 

For those interested in a veterinary technology program: www.csi.edu  College of Southern Idaho or www.yvcc.edu  Yakima Valley Community College or www.piercecollege.edu  Pierce College