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POCKET PETS & SMALL MAMMALS                        

Rabbits & Chinchillas          Guinea Pigs          Rats & Mice         Hedgehogs Hamsters & Gerbils             Ferret                        

When considering purchasing your pocket pet it's a good idea to ask yourself: 

Is there a veterinarian close by that can handle my pocket pet's illnesses, injuries or emergencies? 

What sort of habitat is necessary?

Is the animal appropriate for any children in the home?

What are your expectations of the animal?

Are you willing to devote the time needed to clean and care for the habitat?

How much money are you willing to invest should the animal become ill?


A new pet exam isn't necessary, however, symptoms requiring a visit include:
Weight loss           Loss of appetite

Lethargy               Lesions or raw spots

Loss of fur           Persistent scratching

Diarrhea               Nasal or eye discharge

Problems chewing

Here are some websites to help you out:

http://veterinarypartner.com  on the left side choose "small mammals"
http://howtopet.com --overview of different pocket pets and how to choose one