Ponti Veterinary Hospital

25007 E Wellesley Avenue
Otis Orchards, WA 99027



                Reptiles & Amphibians

         Burmese pythons         Garter snakes

         Boa constrictors          Gopher snakes

         Ball pythons                Monitors

         King snakes                Turtles & tortoises

         Corn snakes                Iguanas & other lizards

Before you purchase a reptile or amphibian, ask yourself:

         Is the reptile legal to own in your county?
         Why do you want this sort of animal as a companion?

         What is the best reptile/amphibian for you?
         If purchasing for a youngster, is the child responsible 
         Enough for exotic pet ownership?

         What are the habitat requirements?

         What will your reptile/amphibian eat?  And is that food available locally & year round?   
   During a visit the vet will check:

          General Health


          Physical appearance of the animal and any changes you've noticed       
   Some common symptoms that indicate possible illness are:

         Weight loss

         Loss of appetite


         Cloudy eyes

         Skin lesions   
   If your reptile/amphibian is exhibiting behaviors that are not,
    in your opinion, normal, or you have questions or concerns
    relating to care, you should make an appointment with the
 The following website may help with questions.  
http://www.kingsnake.com/ballpythonguide -- has a variety of information 
http://www.ball-pythons.net/forums/index.php -- care  and information as well as community driven content covering all manner of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates
 --The Ultimate Python and Boa site - all about pythons and boas from care and breeding to incubating and hatching the eggs everything you need to know .

http://www.anapsid.org -- Melissa Kaplan's site, answers  health and welfare questions for a variety of reptiles, especially iguanas.

www.pnwhs.org -- This is the Pacific Northwest Herpetological Society's site, nice site for rescues and adoptions.

http://www.reptileman.com/intro.html -- another northwest reptile facility and very user friendly.