Ponti Veterinary Hospital

25007 E Wellesley Avenue
Otis Orchards, WA 99027



                                         SURGERY, RADIOLOGY and ULTRASONOGRAPHY
   Our ability to:  perform surgery, do dental cleaning (prophylaxis),  take radiographs and do ultrasound assures that your pet has the best possible diagnostic care and treatment.  
   **We highly recommend pre-surgical blood work.**    
This allows us to: 
    1.  Check for underlying disease, i.e. kidney or liver disease.  
    2. Better tailor anesthesia to your pet's needs based on organ function.

     There are many diseases that can be underlying with no apparent signs, such as early liver or kidney disease.  In young patients there can be things, such as a liver shunt, that can greatly effect how the animal handles anesthesia. Blood work helps reduce the risk of using anesthesia by checking organ function.  If there is a problem we may be able to adjust the anesthesia or may have to wait until a later date for the surgery. 
     Animals that are older or have a pre-existing health condition may be required to have pre-surgical blood work.